Hi everyone, so today I had a bit of a rough day, to say the least. My motivation was not at it’s best, which is fine, it happens. My body is as sore as ever, and for that reason I could not bring myself to do much cardio, or really use weights for that matter.

My entire body getting sore all at once happens maybe every week or so, and on these days I realize I need rest. As I have mentioned before, working out is my stress reliever, so naturally on this rough day all I wanted to do was go to the gym but my body was in PAIN.

I was trying to figure out a way to warm up without hurting myself, so i found that speed walking on the treadmill with a sweatshirt helped me break a sweat to get started.

Like I said I was EXTREMELY sore, so I could not use weights either. I focused on my own body weigh workouts, and honestly I do not do those workouts often but this was one of my best workouts. I did at least 20 reps and 3 sets of each workout. I tried to do full body but found myself working on my abs and my legs. In between workouts I would do free weight squats.

20 leg kicks (each leg) 20 x3

* in-between* 50 squats

leg raises (switch between right leg, left leg, than both) 20(each side) 20(both) x3

*In-Between* 40 squats

Side leg raises (each side) 20×3

*30 squats*

This workout was quick and effective, not to mention a gym is not needed! no excuses!



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