A habit impossible to break, snacking. We all have that part of us that loves to munch on something even when we are not hungry and I’m sure when i say this it will be music to your ears. ITS OK TO SNACK! Eating every 2 hours sounds like a lot but in reality smaller meals and more snacking is another key to weight loss and speeding up your metabolism

When i say snacking i do not mean picking up a cookie every 2 hours, make sure what you are snacking on is beneficial. My go to snack is almonds, and that is because of the amount of protein they contain along with carbs, they are a perfect source of energy! When picking up snacks I never snack on anything that does not contain protein for reasons i discussed in my “enough protein” post.

Find substitutions for your bad snack habits. Like I said this blog is not about perfection, the perfect diet, counting macros and a low body fat percentage. It is about bettering yourself! We all get hungry and have cravings. Whenever I am craving anything sweet, ill pick up a sweet fruit like pineapples or some grapes. If that does not cut it I will find something with dark chocolate, dark chocolate covered almonds or pomegranates are my go to dessert snacks.

When craving something salty I will have salted nuts of some sort, and if that does not cut it ill have some lightly salted kettle chips. It is not the healthiest, or perfect but it is better than eating a bag of lays. Once again this is just about the better choice, perfection is hard to achieve but if you just take it 1 step at a time before you know it you’ll stop craving the things you once did.


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