The Right Motivation

To start this journey let me start off by saying this. Motivation is the hardest part, it is not often people get excited to get up and get a workout in. Make sure you are you are your own motivation. Do this for you, not for a guy/girl, not to “fit in”, not because you do not think you have the “ideal” figure. Do it because you want to be the best version of yourself. Never hate your body or compare it to someone else’s. Maybe you want change, whether you want to lose weight or tone up, or just maybe even to just be healthy and feel better about yourself; make sure you love yourself every step of the way.

If you go into this with the mindset that you hate your body, nothing about this is going to be fun. Love the skin you are in now and watch it slowly transform. Picture yourself a year or two from now. What your body is capable of is amazing, your mind will stop you before your body does.

I say love yourself first before you start because the truth is, this kind of change takes time. If you hate the skin you are in now, all you are going to think throughout this process is “I am not good enough” “I’m never going to get there” and so on. You are not going to appreciate how far along you’ve gone, you are just going to see where you are not. Slow change is better than no change.

Get the images of models, and perfect actresses out of your head, what you see on the media is not real. Not everyone can achieve the same body, and that is ok! This is not about the ideal “look”, or impressing your ex, this is for you.

Inspire others and get inspires, once you see progress and how far you have came, you are not going to want to stop! be proud of yourself and your achievements, never compare them to someone else’s achievements. Truth is, there is always going to be someone out there better than you, do not compete. Be your own competition!


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