Why I Started

Hello  all, and welcome, to my very first blog post. First off let me start off by explaining why i started this blog. Throughout my entire life and some of my high school career I was a twig. I never cared about weight loss or being healthy, for a good part of my life i was uncomfortable with how skinny I was, all i wanted was to gain weight. Well everyone, my wish came true and i gained that weight.

My junior year of high school there was a loss in my family and I turned to food for comfort. I kept putting on weight, and I could not stop myself. I would try to workout but i was on and off with it and after a workout I would reward myself with 3000 calories worth of snacks. Now don’t get me wrong I still was not “fat” but i was not comfortable with myself, and anyone who knew me knew that i put on a significant amount of weight. When I got to college I did not have the time to eat so the weight slowly came off and I loved hearing people tell me I lost weight, now I still wasn’t healthy but I loved keeping the weight off so I limited what I ate, and i would go to the gym most days.

By the end of my freshman year, i was once again, too skinny. I was obsessed with my gym routine, could not skip a single day, so what did I do? I started to pick up the weights and now its been about 2 years and I have never been happier with my body. The gym is no longer a chore, it is something I look forward to. Eating healthy is no longer my diet it is a lifestyle, i never crave fast food but if i want something I don’t deprive myself from it, I have it. I have it because I work hard and i deserve it. I have it because i know it will not become a habit again. I share this with you because I never thought I would be the person to get here. I hated sports, I hated physical activity, i was never good at it. I was lazy and loved food, I was completely content with being unproductive, and now I am a person who looks forward to waking up early. I am now a person who will squeeze a 40 minute workout in my schedule instead of a nap. If you told me two years ago I would be like this I would have laughed in your face and looked at you crazy. The point is I started, and you can too.



Hello everyone! A lot of the times people complain about cooking and it being time consuming, and a lot of the times it is true. grabbing a bite to eat is much more convenient and not to mention a lot quicker. Cooking healthy does not always have to be so time consuming!

Here I have a picture of my favorite food, salmon. Salmon is a great source of protein and it is not bland either. This takes me less than 10 minutes to grill, I add some olive oil and grill some veggies a long with it. It fills me up, its quick and its delicious!

Now I know not everyone is a fish person, this is just something to show you that it is quick, tasteful and healthy. Grilling is one of the healthiest ways to cook your foods and the fastest! I add some lemon and salt, when I have time I bake it with some breadcrumb on top. There is a number of ways to cook your healthy food. My suggestion is to switch it up, add some flavor so you do not resent eating healthy if you are eating the same thing over and over again.

Healthy does not have to mean flavorless and bland, learn new recipes and ingredients and have fun with it! Do not be afraid to add some salt or even a little butter. Like I said, sometimes I add bread crumb. This is not about perfection, it is about the healthier choice. Do not beat yourself up over some sodium or carbs.

Leg Burn


  • 15 incline walk (6 min, 2.5)
  • 2 incline shuffles (2 minutes each side, 2.0)

Glute Activation:

  • 3×20 banded clamshells (each side)
    • superset: 20 banded hip abductions
  • 3×20 weighed donkey kicks


  • 4×15 good mornings
    • superset: banded side walk till burnout
  • 4×15 sumo deadlift
    • superset: banded side walk till burnout
  • 4×15 back lunges
    • superset: side lunges
  • 4×15 hamstring curl
  • 3×20 weighted hip thrusts

(If you do not have the bands, do not worry! do it without them, less difficult, but still effective)



1 Cup of oatmeal

1/2 an apple

Pure honey instead of sugar

Tbsp of cinnamon

I typically eat this before I workout because it is a good source of energy. Like I always say carbs are much needed and what healthier way to have them! Oatmeal happens to be one of the most beneficial breakfasts, not to mention it speeds up your metabolism over time.

Zucchini Pasta


I decided to try something new. Zucchini Pasta!

1 Whole Zucchini (cut into the form of pasta, I had a machine)

1 Cup of Shrimp


1 Cup of diced tomatoes

1/4 Cup of garlic

Diced onions

2 Tbsp of olive oil

Shrimp is a great source of protein, not to mention you get your veggies in with this too! To me this was just as satisfying as having a bowl of pasta, and it filled me up for quite some time.

Total Body Workout

60 Jumping jacks, 1 minute plank

50 Jumping jacks, 45 second plank

40 Jumping jacks, 30 second plank

Repeat x3

*1 Minute break*

12 Burpees, 1 minute side plank

10 Burpees, 45 second side plank

8 Burpees, 30 Second side plank

Repeat x2 (Switch sides when doing side planks)

This is a quick workout, but very effective. The key is to take as little break as possible. This workout will definitely break a sweat while working your entire body and saving you time. No gym needed, no excuses!


Hi everyone, so today I had a bit of a rough day, to say the least. My motivation was not at it’s best, which is fine, it happens. My body is as sore as ever, and for that reason I could not bring myself to do much cardio, or really use weights for that matter.

My entire body getting sore all at once happens maybe every week or so, and on these days I realize I need rest. As I have mentioned before, working out is my stress reliever, so naturally on this rough day all I wanted to do was go to the gym but my body was in PAIN.

I was trying to figure out a way to warm up without hurting myself, so i found that speed walking on the treadmill with a sweatshirt helped me break a sweat to get started.

Like I said I was EXTREMELY sore, so I could not use weights either. I focused on my own body weigh workouts, and honestly I do not do those workouts often but this was one of my best workouts. I did at least 20 reps and 3 sets of each workout. I tried to do full body but found myself working on my abs and my legs. In between workouts I would do free weight squats.

20 leg kicks (each leg) 20 x3

* in-between* 50 squats

leg raises (switch between right leg, left leg, than both) 20(each side) 20(both) x3

*In-Between* 40 squats

Side leg raises (each side) 20×3

*30 squats*

This workout was quick and effective, not to mention a gym is not needed! no excuses!



I often find myself struggling to hit my body goals, and that is because my goals are constantly changing with my body. By this I mean, overtime my body changes, whether its me gaining muscle or losing weight, my goal does to.

I am constantly struggling between believing I put on too much muscle, or losing too much weight, as well as not having enough muscle. I am constantly boosting up my cardio and limiting my weights and vise versa. Sometimes I think the cardio makes me lose too much weight and then I feel too thin and sometimes I feel too bulky. I am constantly changing my workouts and my diet.

This is a struggle I’m sure many people face, and most of the time it is all in my head. Part of me knows that and the other part of me thinks my body goes through huge changes in a week. It is important to keep in mind that change takes time. You are not going to gain weight from one bad meal or lose muscle from skipping a day, just as well as you are not going to lose weight or gain muscle just because you went to the gym once. Everything takes time.

Because of all these constant battles I have with myself I found a balance. I am now keeping my weights low and my reps high and continuing to do cardio daily. I feel petite yet toned and strong. Now agin, this is just my personal preference, not everyone has the same goals. Some may have the goal of gaining muscle, and that is fine! my suggestion for that is to eat right but bump down on cardio. The reason for that is because cardio can actually cause you to lose muscle. Also try not to burn yourself out with cardio before lifting, saving the cardio for after a workout will enable you to lift heavier weights. But this does not mean skip the warm up!

I hope this post helped, I just want people to know that the fear of fluctuating is in everyone! But for the most part, its all in your head. It is just good to be cautious of it.